Age Of Minority


This week, Jaquelle and Sean talk about pursuing popularity — the good, the bad, and the ugly. They also talk about the weather in Halifax, Jaquelle’s changed opinion of IKEA food, and how great Sean is at catching mice. Episode Highlights 05:16: Why Sean is so great at catching mice. 08:10: Sean and Jaquelle’s personal…

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Around the time Lopatin began finalizing Age Of in his Airbnb lodge, he began working on the concept for MYRIAD, a conceptual concert performance which premiered at Park Avenue Armory. He described the concept as a four-part "epochal song cycle" showcasing the idiocy of previous generations of living organisms. The loose story concerns a group of artificial intelligences near the end of time named a 'Limitless Living Informational Intelligence' (represented in the MYRIAD logo as nine squares) which attempt to replicate the imperfect cultures and behaviors of the previously-existent human species. It does this by determining an "average" of human experiences through the species' "recorded output", and does so through heuristic techniques. The show is consequently divided into four sections, each representing an epoch of the cycle concept loosely inspired by the Strauss–Howe generational theory: the Age of Ecco, the Age of Harvest, the Age of Excess, and the Age of Bondage. Ecco is "a phase of pre-evolutionary ignorance", Harvest is "living in agrarian harmony with the world", Excess is "the age of unchecked industrial ambition", and Bondage is "an era of engorgement, wherein “we keep making more and more shit until there’s no space left. ”"

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