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Encouraged by a friend to appear on Speaker's Corner , a viewer open-forum run by Toronto 's Citytv , Speedman expressed interest in auditioning for the role of Robin in the film Batman Forever , which was being cast in Toronto at the time. Though the appearance earned him an audition, Speedman was not cast in the role, which was ultimately given to Chris O'Donnell . The audition did, however, give Speedman the exposure he needed and he quickly arranged an agent and began auditioning for Canadian television and film roles. [1]

The 38-year-old actor stars as the “black sheep” son of a wealthy family who starts a relationship with a free-spirited patient at a mental hospital, who is played by Evan Rachel Wood .

Scott - whose film October Gale premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival - was  romantically linked with his The Last Resort co-star Camille De Pazzis.

Scott Speedman was born on September 1, 1975 in London, England. He was a competitive swimmer but left the sport after a neck injury. He then switched his interest to acting, attending University of Toronto and York University to study drama.

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