Plain Wooden Frame


Our wooden photo frames are not the cheap, off the shelf products. Each one is individually by craftsmen made in our workshops. They are a quality product - a beautiful gift which will be very much appreciated.

When considering the size of your rabbit's run, the answer is simply as large as can be sensibly allowed. Depending on the rabbit's size, the minimum size of the run should be in the area of 6' by 4' (1.8m by 1.2m). It should also be tall enough for the rabbit to be able to stand on its hind legs.

Those who plan and those who attend bridal showers hope to make positive memories for the bride-to-be. Decorations, food and gifts focus on the bride-to-be, her groom and the wedding. Gifts help prepare the bride-to-be for her new home and her new life. But while the bridal shower is special and the usual utilitarian gifts are important, the bride-to-be also needs tangible reminders of the day and her new life. Poems offer that positive reminder.

Framing pictures and choosing where to display them are the final steps in the creative process. They're worth getting right, as they have such a big impact on how your images will be viewed.

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