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The immune and lymphatic systems are two closely related organ systems that share several organs and physiological functions. The immune system is our body’s defense system against infectious pathogenic viruses, bacteria, and fungi as well as parasitic animals and protists. The immune system works to keep these harmful agents out of the body and attacks those that manage to enter.

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Everyone has lymph nodes, which are an important aspect of the lymph system and the immune system in our bodies. The lymph nodes are important to filter out the bacteria and other pathogens in order to enhance our health. There are lymph nodes in every part of the body.

The lymphatic system plays a very important role in the human body’s fight against disease. It’s largely made up of a network of thin tubes (filled with clear lymphatic fluid) and lymph nodes. The thymus, spleen and bone marrow also all play vital parts in the function of the lymphatic system.

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The lymph node capsule is composed of dense irregular connective tissue with some plain collagenous fibers, and from its internal surface are given off a number of membranous processes or trabeculae. They pass inward, radiating toward the center of the node, for about one-third or one-fourth of the space between the circumference and the center of the node. In some animals they are sufficiently well-marked to divide the peripheral or cortical portion of the node into a number of compartments (nodules), but in humans this arrangement is not obvious. The larger trabeculae springing from the capsule break up into finer bands, and these interlace to form a mesh-work in the central or medullary portion of the node. In these trabecular spaces formed by the interlacing trabeculae is contained the proper lymph node substance or lymphoid tissue. The node pulp does not, however, completely fill the spaces, but leaves, between its outer margin and the enclosing trabeculae, a channel or space of uniform width throughout. This is termed the subcapsular sinus (lymph path or lymph sinus). Running across it are a number of finer trabeculae of reticular connective tissue, the fibers of which are, for the most part, covered by ramifying cells.

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