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ESS is the inventor, developer and official supplier of Easy Drain linear shower drains. ESS is designing, developing and producing sanitary solutions since 1928 with commitment to excellent quality. All products are extensively tested, to ensure a long-lasting life in your bathroom.

Brita® Faucet Filter Systems don’t require soaking. Run water through the system for 5 minutes to flush out the system, activate the filter media and remove any carbon dust. The 100-gallon filter life† begins AFTER flushing for five minutes so you are not wasting filter life by the flushing process.   Water saving tip: Contain the water during the flushing process and use on household plants so the water isn’t wasted.

There are lots of ways to unclog a kitchen sink. Fill the sink with some water, then use a toilet plunger over the drain. You can also pour some baking soda down the drain, followed by some vinegar. Wait 5 minutes, then pour hot water into the drain. Lastly, you can always use a cable auger . You will need to remove the water trap and insert the auger into the stub pipe.

Elkay is an American-owned and operated company. For more than 90 years, Elkay has been an innovative manufacturer of stainless steel sinks for residential and commercial use. Today, Elkay Plumbing Products delivers world class sinks , faucets , foodservice products , water coolers , drinking fountains and award winning rapid bottle filling stations . Also, Elkay Wood Products is among the largest cabinetmakers in the U.S. with leading brands such as Medallion™ Cabinetry , Schuler™ Cabinetry and InnerMost™ Cabinets .

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