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We use Alarm clocks every day in order to make sure we wake up on time, get about our business in an orderly fashion and start the day with an extremely annoying sound beating in our heads. While Alarm clocks used to be a simple product that shows the time and rings when scheduled, the product has evolved immensely to easily become an innovative phenomena, with all the bells and whistles you could think of.

You’ve become an expert at waging battles every morning trying to get your kids out of bed, dressed and out the door before the school bell rings. Make your daily rise and shine routine more fun and less stressful with these eight kid-friendly alarm clocks that light up, play songs and even scoot around the room. Click through the gallery for our picks to help get your little sleepy heads up and at ’em in no time.

Need a little extra incentive to pry yourself out of bed? You'll have plenty of it with this no-nonsense wheeled alarm clock. After the first time you press snooze, this unit automatically starts moving away from you, creating enough distance to literally force you out of bed in order to shut it off for good. Plus, it also comes in pastel blue , white, red and more.

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