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Bakhmull or bakhmull tazi is a long haired variety of sighthounds, bred mostly in Russia and claimed to represent an Afghan Hound aboriginal to Afghanistan. In Pashto the word "bakhmull" means "velvet" due to its incredible silky velvet, long, ivory color hair of the coat, rather abundant and long on the whole body, because it is a mountain oriental sighthound, except the "saddle", front parts of four legs and the muzzle. Its color is always fawn, ivory or white with a darker "saddle", thus it produces an impression of a fawn (yellowish) dog which coat color is protective khaki that matches sandstone and limestone of the Hindu Kush mountain landscape and deserts. Following colors are not permissible: red, red with white spots, black and black with white spots. Since the 1980s the centre of Bakhmull breeding is in Russia, "The Blue Dale el Bark Bakhmull" Moscow, where they are spread all over the former Soviet Republics and various regions. Natalia Gherasiova established "The Blue Dale el Bark" and later "The National club Bakhmull" attached to RFOS (Russian Federation for Hunting Dogs) and RKF. The foundation stock was brought to Russia in the 70s by military men from Afghanistan. Breed Standard for tazi BAKHMULL (aboriginal Afghan Hound) was adopted in Moscow, Russia (since Russia has become the 2nd motherland of bakhmulls) first in 1985 and later after detailed elaboration in 1997 (RFOS-RKF).

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