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After his arrival in Florida, Caine joined the Miami-Dade Police as a homicide detective but later transferred to the bomb squad, where he was mentored by Al Humphries, an older cop whom Caine highly respected and considered a good friend; Humphries was later killed after accidentally triggering a bomb he was attempting to disarm. Caine worked undercover as "John Walden" in Pensacola, Florida for sometime during the early 1990s (this is the date given on the show, despite the fact it was previously understood on the show that he worked in New York until at least 1995). During his time there, he dated a woman he believed to be named Julia Eberlie, and the two conceived a son named Kyle. Caine would not be aware of Kyle's existence for another 16 years. Sometime later he returned to Miami and to being a detective, in "Out of Time" he references previously working on the bomb squad. Finally, Caine moved to the crime lab, accepting a promotion to lieutenant, which earned him the animosity of Sergeant Rick Stetler, who was also vying for the position. When veteran CSI Megan Donner went on personal leave following the death of her husband, Horatio became the permanent head of the lab. In early seasons, Horatio frequently confirms his dedication to the job with the catchphrase "We Never Close", an homage to Pinkerton Agency. Caine is known for wearing sunglasses (known by fans as the 'Shades of Justice'); one of his trademarks is to put them on prior to making a dramatic remark. In season 8, we learn that this style of sunglasses were originally a gift from Eric Delko in 1997.

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