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Despite the auspicious debut, Bennett did not break through. She said in an interview in June 2016: "It’s been kind of a long journey for me. Everyone has a different path; I guess you hear them all. I don’t know how common mine is. I didn’t have a long-term plan or goal. All I came to Los Angeles with was a dream. No one from my family ever left Ohio. In L. A. , I saw a lot of talent wasted because of fear. The odds are really stacked against you. I was a bit like Dorothy following the yellow brick road I guess. Except there was no good witch. . . Nothing came that easily ever again [after Music and Lyrics]. It was a good start—I’m grateful for the experience, but I wanted more. After that film, I ventured back out into the darkness, as actors often do. And I was completely engulfed by it. I got lost, I got broke. I got heartbroken by the roles I’d never have a chance to play, because you know how it is. Even when a filmmaker pointed at me and said, "I want to put you in this film," it never happened because of the financial aspect of our industry. I wasn’t a bankable name, I guess. But it went on like this, on repeat, for many years. I begged, I struggled, I fought. There was no other option, really.

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