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Met de gratis online talenmodule van Rosetta Stone Advantage spijker je jouw Engels bij waar en wanneer je maar wilt. De zelfstudie is afgestemd op jouw interesses en je huidige taalniveau. Je traint daarbij je luister-, lees-, schrijf- en spreekvaardigheid.

Schrijven Met dictee-oefeningen leert u schrijven in de doeltaal. De computer controleert uw werk op spelling, grammatica en interpunctie en geeft fouten aan. Vervolgens krijgt u de mogelijkheid om uw fouten te corrigeren

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The stone, carved during the Hellenistic period, is believed to have originally been displayed within a temple, possibly at nearby Sais. It was probably moved during the early Christian or medieval period, and was eventually used as building material in the construction of Fort Julien near the town of Rashid (Rosetta) in the Nile Delta. It was rediscovered there in July 1799 by a French soldier named Pierre-François Bouchard during the Napoleonic campaign in Egypt. It was the first Ancient Egyptian bilingual text recovered in modern times, and it aroused widespread public interest with its potential to decipher this previously untranslated hieroglyphic language. Lithographic copies and plaster casts began circulating among European museums and scholars. Meanwhile, British troops defeated the French in Egypt in 1801, and the original stone came into British possession under the Capitulation of Alexandria and was transported to London. It has been on public display at the British Museum almost continuously since 1802, and is the most-visited object there.

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