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Miller’s talent for combining operational zeal with the ability to effectively frame an idea into one devastating laser beam made him a prized Sessions lieutenant in Washington. “When it comes to issues and messaging and policy, there isn’t anybody else that I’ve known that would be as valuable to a presidential campaign as he,” Sessions told me. “Maybe other than Karl Rove.”

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Trump senior policy advisor Stephen Miller recently gained attention for confirming the White House’s consideration to require social media and phone contact information from foreign visitors. Of course, that report paled in comparison to the weekend controversy over Donald Trump’s immigration ban , which blocked refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the country. Now, Miller (a relatively young whippersnapper at age 31) is receiving credit for being the architect of what is — despite the Trump’s administration claims — a Muslim ban .

Donald Trump and his top advisers have begun mapping out the themes for his inaugural address next month, as the president-elect has tapped Stephen Miller, his incoming senior White House adviser for policy, to write the historic speech.

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