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His mother remarried, and Saddam gained three half-brothers through this marriage. His stepfather, Ibrahim al-Hassan, treated Saddam harshly after his return. At about age 10, Saddam fled the family and returned to live in Baghdad with his uncle Kharaillah Talfah. Talfah, the father of Saddam's future wife, was a devout Sunni Muslim and a veteran of the 1941 Anglo-Iraqi War between Iraqi nationalists and the United Kingdom, which remained a major colonial power in the region. [13]

Saddam Hussein was the former dictator and president of Iraq in South Park . Shortly before the American-Canadian War , he was killed by a pack of wild boars and became Satan 's jealous, emotionally abusive, and manipulative ex-boyfriend. He was a recurring character in South Park and one of the main antagonists in South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut .

Iraq 's era under President Saddam Hussein was notorious for its severe violations of human rights . Secret police , torture , mass murder , rape , deportations , forced disappearances , assassinations , chemical warfare , and the destruction of southern Iraq's marshes were some of the methods the country's Ba'athist government used to maintain control. The total number of deaths related to torture and murder during this period are unknown. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International issued regular reports of widespread imprisonment and torture.

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Of the 16 members of Qasim's cabinet, 12 were Ba'ath Party members; however, the party turned against Qasim due to his refusal to join Gamal Abdel Nasser's United Arab Republic. To strengthen his own position within the government, Qasim created an alliance with the Iraqi Communist Party, which was opposed to any notion of pan-Arabism. Later that year, the Ba'ath Party leadership was planning to assassinate Qasim. Saddam was a leading member of the operation. At the time, the Ba'ath Party was more of an ideological experiment than a strong anti-government fighting machine. The majority of its members were either educated professionals or students, and Saddam fit the bill. The choice of Saddam was, according to historian Con Coughlin, "hardly surprising". The idea of assassinating Qasim may have been Nasser's, and there is speculation that some of those who participated in the operation received training in Damascus, which was then part of the UAR. However, "no evidence has ever been produced to implicate Nasser directly in the plot. " The assassination attempt was partially conceived as revenge for communist massacres that killed hundreds of Iraqi nationalists in 1959 and which Qasim's government allowed to take place in the aftermath of the 1959 Mosul uprising.

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