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So much for popular vote loser Donald Trump's worries that taking health insurance away from people with Republicans' Obamacare "replacement" plan would make him too unpopular. Clearly, he's able to ignore the fact that he's the most unpopular new president the nation has ever had, and he's going to use it. So what had been a guarantee, just weeks ago, that he would have "insurance for everybody" in an Obamacare replacement plan, that's been dialed back to "access" to health care.

Of course you’ve heard about President Trump’s rally in Florida where he mentioned, “ last night in Sweden ,” as a way to bolster support for his anti-immigrant stance. Must’ve been an underreported terror attack, right? Or at least some immigrant violence? Turns out nothing had happened and Trump is just an old man who repeats whatever he sees on Fox News .

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A front-page diarist known as "Armando" (Armando Lloréns-Sar) took a prominent role during Moulitsas' book hiatus in 2005 and was well known for his foreign policy and legal analysis. He also had his own political blogging website, called "Swords Crossed" that encouraged dialog between liberals and conservatives, and was a guest political commentator in a wide variety of media outlets, including The Majority Report and Talking Points Memo Cafe. After his identity and details of his legal career were made widely known, he announced his departure from Daily Kos in June 2006, citing loss of anonymity. For two months, Armando would resurface periodically, and all of his comments were accompanied by a signature line stating that he would be returning to blogging in December 2006. Armando did indeed resurface, albeit under a user ID, "Big Tent Democrat," in September 2006. Armando "Big Tent Democrat" then left the Daily Kos site again in March 2007, citing "differences with the Management. "

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